bmw e91 louver

Install in under 60 minutes

Quick and effortless installation process. Perfect fitment guarantee, no drilling or cutting required. Can be installed with double-sided tape or adhesive plates.

Lightweight and durable material

Made of ABS Plastic - perfect material for car exterior parts. Orange peel textured (scratch-resistant) and smooth black (paintable) surfaces are available for a personalized look that matches your vehicle.

Elevate the style of your car

The unique louver design gives an aggressive, sporty look while also reducing the sun's glare and heat inside your car. Stand out on the road with Sekcustoms window louvers!


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BMW 1 Series Coupe Hatchback Convertible
Rear Window Louvers: E81; E87
Wide Body Kit: E82 E81; E87; F20; F21 E88
BMW 3 Series Coupe Sedan Touring
Rear Window Louvers: 

E30; E36; 
E46; E92

E30; E36; 
E46; E90

E46; E91
Side Window Louvers: 

E30; E36; 
E46; E92

Fender Flares & Wide Body Kits:

E30; E36; 
E92 Wide Body

E30; E36; 

Spoilers: E46; E92
BMW 5 Series Sedan Touring
Rear Window Louvers: E28; E39; E60 E61
Wide Body Kit: E39 E39

e91 wagon louver

What are the benefits of adding window louvers?

Adding window louvers to your vehicle will enhance its appearance and provide practical benefits. The louvers give your car a sporty and aggressive look while also blocking out sunlight, keeping the interior cooler and more comfortable. Additionally, louvers can provide some level of privacy for passengers, and can also protect the car's interior from UV rays that can cause fading and damage. Overall, window louvers are a worthwhile addition to any car, offering both aesthetic and functional advantages.

bmw rear window louver bmw e91 rear window louver

How to install Window Louvers?

Installing window louvers on your vehicle is a simple process that can be done in two ways: by using double-sided tape, windshield glue, or an equivalent adhesive to attach the louvers directly to the window, or by using adhesive plates for easy removal and installation. It is important to note that the necessary hardware for installation is not included with the louvers and that the windshield surface should be thoroughly cleaned before installation for optimal adhesion. A mixture of mild soap and water or isopropyl alcohol with a microfiber cloth is recommended for cleaning the window.
louver surface louver hardware

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ABS plastic
Hardware included
2 year
UV protection
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