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High-quality lightweight material

Our manufacturing technology allows us to produce bumper fillers of time-tested material - ABS plastic. It is lightweight and robust material. This plastic is the most optimal for car exterior parts, due to its impact resistance. The product comes in an unpainted smooth black surface, which is UV-protected and ready for painting. Bumper filler is paintable or can be used as is. Preparation for painting ABS plastic is similar to painting aluminum (clean the surface > sand the surface > apply self-etching primer > apply the paint).
Cadillac DeVille 80-89 fillers


This is a custom product for Oldsmobile 86-90. It is easily installed with bolts. If you have any troubles or need advice regarding installation, we are happy to help you to get the best results possible. 

Renew worn-out bumper fillers

Sekcustoms are producing replacement body panels for Chevrolet, Cadillac, and Oldsmobile cars. Original body panels made of rubber became brittle and no longer suitable, thus we made body panels from ABS plastic, which is a perfect and long-lasting material for such exterior parts. We have manufactured over a thousand rear and front bumper fillers, guaranteeing the highest quality for our customers.

Cadillac Fleetwood 80-89 fillers

cadillac fleetwood 80-89 fillers

Satisfaction Guarantee

Sekcustoms products are time-tested and cherished by our customers all around the world. Fillers are manufactured with precision using 3D designs and contemporary technology. Bumper fillers are in stock and ready to ship in secure packaging. For the best customer experience, we offer free worldwide shipping with tracking.

Show us your car

We love seeing our customers' unique and exciting projects - please send us pictures of your car and follow us on social media. We are eagerly waiting for your customized car photos to share your car on our Instagram and Tiktok pages.

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Product Features

ABS plastic
Hardware included
2 year
Smooth black
UV protection
Raymundo 08/16/2021


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