Chevrolet Camaro Wide Body Kit

SEKcustoms team is proud to introduce our newest project – a wide body kit for Sixth Generation Chevrolet Camaro. It required months of 3D designing, but after all the hard work we can offer a great wide body kit for Camaro owners. This body kit is unique in our assortment because it consists of 9 pieces, which required special accuracy and precision to produce a high-quality product for an exclusive car as is Chevrolet Camaro. We have made a wide body kit that adds 35 mm / 1.37 inches per side.

Specifications Of Our Product

Our goal was to create a unique high-quality wide body kit in the market, offering sporty character at an affordable price. At the beginning of the designing process, SEKcustoms team emphasized aggressive lines and a sporty look, matching original body lines. Currently, we have many satisfied customers all around the world, which motivates our team to create more great products for Chevrolet clients. We guarantee the quality of the Camaro wide body kit by having over 10 years of experience in designing aftermarket car body parts and working with ABS plastic, which is light, strong, and fault-tolerant material. The product comes in an unpainted smooth black surface, which is UV-protected and paintable. You can also have it wrapped, in both cases (preparing for painting or wrapping), the wide body kit has to be primed first.

Installing Body Kit

To complete the installation of this unique wide body kit on your car, you will need 60 pieces of bolts (threaded rivets + washers + bolts). We highly recommend having skilled professionals for the installation of this kit. If you have any troubles or just want advice we always love to help our customers to get the best result possible.

Have You Are Already Purchased Our Kit?

We are eagerly waiting for your customized car photos and we will feature your car with pleasure!

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Smooth black
UV protection
Hardware included
ABS plastic
2 year

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