Truck fender flares

Truck fender flares

Truck and off-road vehicles fender flares

Fender flares for car enthusiasts usually associate with sporty and performance cars. SEKcustoms team started producing quality aftermarket car body parts from universal fender flares and wide-body kits for sports cars, coupes, and other passenger vehicles. However, truck fender flares are the most popular and most commonly used fender flares in the market. The truck market in the world is huge, even though pickup trucks and off-road vehicle demand vary across the countries. Trucks are mostly used in more rural or countryside areas, though in U.S., Australia, or other countries it is not specifically the case, we see pickup trucks in the streets of big cities as well.

What is the purpose of truck fender flares?

There are a few different reasons why fender flares are one of the most popular aftermarket car body parts for trucks and off-road vehicles. The first and the most obvious reason is to simply add more style to the stock truck. Adding wheel arch extensions widens your car, makes it look sharper and more aggressive. Secondly, if you are modifying your truck and putting on larger wheels, most countries‘ and states‘ law requires that wheel arches have to fully cover the tread of your tires. In this case, fender flares are the best option to abide by the law, because of the easy install and affordable price. Furthermore, fender flares are a quick and easy way to hide rusty or damaged wheel arches, especially it is relevant for used or older off-road vehicles. Putting brand new fender flares on an older, rusty, or slightly damaged pick-up truck can make it look refreshed. Even though you have a brand new or older truck in good condition, fender flares are beneficial in protecting your wheel arches from debris and dirt. Fender flares are a great option to prevent rust on wheel arches, which could save you money and increase the value of your vehicle in general. 

Do you need it?

If you have not decided to buy fender flares yet, this article might help you in considering why fender flares for pick-up trucks and off-road vehicles are useful in most cases. Regarding fender flares relatively low price, wheel arch extensions not only adds style for pick-up trucks but could also save you money in the future. Today SEKcustoms produces fender flares for many pickup trucks and off-road vehicles, for example, Suzuki Samurai, Chevy AvalancheLand Rover Defender, and others. You can find our assortment here: fender flares.

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