Fender Flares History

Fender Flares History

The most popular after-market accessory on cars is fender flares, which blocks mud and stones and cover wide tires. They are sometimes used by manufacturers on models that have wider tires than basic models. Using this method, the manufacturer can provide the needed tire coverage without producing a different fender, bent side, or quarter panel for what may be a low-production model. Fender flares are used on SUVs, pickup trucks, off-road vehicles, and sports cars. They either come with a vehicle as standard equipment or are added afterward as an aftermarket accessory. Fender flares are often made of fiberglass or ABS plastic to ensure flexibility and lightweight, however, ABS plastic is the most popular material in the automotive industry. The most important characteristic of a fender flare is the width as it shows the tire coverage. Common fender flares are 1"- 8" wide.

There are 2 common styles of fender flares:

  • OE style (Narrow flares without pockets)
  • Bolt-on (wider fender flares with exposed bolts)

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